• 14 hours Water class Obiertas (1: 30h)
  • Conferences – from 16 h.

Speaker schedules:

Luis Rodriguez Adalia: “What can I learn from the best swimmers in open water?” – 16 h.

The coach responsible for the CAR of Sant Cugat, who has trained medalists and professional swimmers in open water will explain what we can learn from the best in this modality.

We can take advice from professionals to apply those lower level swimmers or amateurs to improve performance and increase the benefits of practicing this sport.

Carles Llagostera: “Transition from the pool to the beach with security” – 4:45 PM

In Carlos Llagostera he is technical director of the open water section of the Vic-ETB. This national swimming coach will show us the main progressions that any swimmer who wants to participate safely in open water events should do.

Among other tips, he will explain to us which swimming techniques they must learn beforehand, such as knowing the ideal conditions for swimming in the sea or what material is essential to enjoy swimming safely in open waters.

Andrea Comaposada Garcia, Co-founder of Anèl·lides: “Qui viu a les platges de Barcelona?” – 5.30pm

That company is dedicated to donate serveis environmentals marins, fent awareness and dissemination of the importance of conserving and caring for the environment and the flora and fauna that can be trobar a l’aigua.

Ens faran a ponència on what is possible trobar durant l’estona that estam nedant to the platja of Barcelona, ​​the flora and the fauna, the seves characteristics per a conéixer millor tot allò that ens pot deixar veure the Mediterrani sea.