• 01 Ankles

    Sit on your feet and legs, and move your body weight back to feel the ankle’s stretching.

  • 02 Quadriceps

    Heel to the bottom, press your knee back with help of your hands.

  • 03 Chest

    Stretched arm, put the hand at the hide of your shoulder holding a bar/wall. Do a body rotation to the opposite side to feel the stretching on your chest side.

  • 04 Dorsal

    Hold a bar and let your body weight fall back while you hold the bar.

  • 05 Triceps

    Raise an arm and bend your elbow while you push your elbow back.

  • 06 Trapezium

    Laterally down with your head with help of your arms.

  • 07 Deltoid

    Go with your elbow to the opposite shoulder, with help of the other arm.