4.a Forecast: sea conditions are not always stable. Be sure you know the forecast, the public recommendations (as colour flags) or other things that will let you enjoy of your swimming time.

4.b Company: always swim with someone. It will be more fun and safe.

4.c Visibility: be sure you are visible in the sea. Use live-colourful wear and safety buoys and everybody will see you (swimmers, safe-guards, boats).

4.d Level: before start to swim open waters, be sure you have enough level of swim in the swimming pool. You need to do homework in the swimming pool before enjoy the sea.

4.e Warm up: before start, to some articulation mobility exercises and start with low intensity swim styles.

4.f Route: try to follow the route marked. Don’t overpass buoys to avoid swimming in boats circulation areas.

4.g Equipment: sometimes, you need to use specific equipment, as wetsuits (for low temperatures or jellyfish presence).

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